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Nature Planet rescue slave girls in Nepal

Nature Planet support the Kamalari Abolition Project in Nepal each time a Because I Am a Girl soft toys is sold.

A successful battle against Child Slavery

The project aims to abolish kamalari practices (the keeping of girls as slaves) in poor communities in western Nepal. Kamalari girls are very often deprived of the opportunity to attend school, they work long hours and reports show, that they are often exploited sexually by their "employers".

Since 2006 the project has rescued and reunited 3.192 girls with their families.

A visit from far away

Corporatae Nature Planet at New Life HostelIn March 2012 Anne Dorthe Hjort and Michael Severin from Nature Planet visited the girls in Nepal.

At the Plan hostel they met more than a hundred girls rescued by Plan.

All former slave girls, now living in freedom and going to school every day in a school across the yard. The hostel is a new life for the girls, who can now stay in a safe environment with education, food and opportunities within reach.

Freed by Plan

One of the girls, Anita, made a lasting impression. She is just nine years old and has already experienced many challenges in her life. Her father died in 2010 and consequently her mother had to travel to Kuwait in order to work and support the family. When her mother left, Anita was sold as a kamalari - but luckily rescued only six months later.

Anita talks about her mom and she clearly misses her immensely. But she is a strong and brave - and happy to have friends and support at the Plan hostel. She studies hard in school and her dream for the future is to become a doctor.

A new life

The project rescue kamalari slave girls, bring them back home and back to school. Some girls are not able to return to their family and in that case they are offered to stay at a Plan hostel. Otherwise Plan supports the poorest families  with scholarships, handicraft materials, goats etc. Others are also supported through agricultural projects, so they are able to make a living and not having to sel their children to bonded labour again.

Achievements so far

3.192 girls have been rescued and reunited with their families
1,300 girls now attend primary school through scholarships
96 % of the surveyed families in the project no longer have children working as kamalari

Because of Plan's Kamalari Abolition Project and support from Nature Planet these girls are now back in school. Photos: Niels Busch
For more info please contact

Michael Severin (Nature Planet) +45 50 73 89 04

Marianne Søndergaard (Plan Denmark) +45  21 25 65 31