Nature Planet supports former slave girls in Nepal | Plan Danmark Gå til hovedindhold

Nature Planet supports former slave girls in Nepal

Nature Planet support former slave girls in Nepal each time a Because I Am a Girl soft toy is sold.

A successful battle against Child Slavery

Donations from 2017-2019 will support 163 former slave girls in western Nepal.

Depending on their situation, some girls will receive scholarships to complete a higher education, others participate in training to improve skills and have better access to the job market. We will support and follow the girls strive for a better life in freedom.

“Because I am a girl”” is a global movement driven by plan international to ensure girls everywhere can learn, lead, decide and thrive.

Since 2006 plan has freed and supported more than 4.000 girls in Nepal.

Thank you for your support.

A visit from far away

March 2012 Anne Dorthe Hjort and Michael Severin from Nature Planet visited the girls in Nepal.

At the Plan hostel they met more than a hundred girls rescued by Plan.

All former slave girls, now living in freedom and going to school every day in a school across the yard. The hostel is a new life for the girls, who can now stay in a safe environment with education, food and opportunities within reach.

Freed by Plan

One of the girls, Anita, made a lasting impression. She is just nine years old and has already experienced many challenges in her life. Her father died in 2010 and consequently her mother had to travel to Kuwait in order to work and support the family. When her mother left, Anita was sold as a kamalari - but luckily rescued only six months later.

Anita talks about her mom and she clearly misses her immensely. But she is a strong and brave - and happy to have friends and support at the Plan hostel. She studies hard in school and her dream for the future is to become a doctor.

Anita holding up a sing saying "Doctor".