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Nature Planet's mission is to make a difference. Since 2009 the Danish company has rebuilt schools in some of the poorest areas in Indonesia through a close partnership with Plan International.

School Project Indonesia 2009 - 2016:

Publishing office

Publishing office

Schools rebuilt:

SDN Lewodoli Primary School

SDN Lewodoli school in Indonesia. Rebuilt by Plan with the help and support of Nature Planet.


Lewodoli is situated on Lembata Island. Students, teachers and the community appreciate the new and safer school environment after retrofitting of the school.

“The Safe Schools program is very beneficial for all students of the school to be able to cope with disaster risks, and the quality of education will be better. School Committee Member” at SDN Lewodoli: Mr. Blasius Wadan

SDI Henga Primary School
The school is located on Sikka island and was improved through installation of electricity and new floors in all classrooms. 

SDI Baokremot Primary School

School in baokremot

This school on Sikka Island has been improved and now meets safe standards. Photo taken prior to retrofitting, February 2015.

SDI Atulaleng
A new roof and three new toilet units have improved the comfort and safety of the children at this school on Lambata Island.

SDK Buriwutung
Primary School with 225 pupils on Lembata Island was improved and prepared for emergencies.

SDK Balurebong
Buildings have been improved and children and teachers have participated in mock drills and disaster simulations. Mock drills have been implemented at all 10 schools. They also involve parents and have a special attention to children with disabilities.

SDK Waiara Primary School

Classroom of school in Waiara

After retrofitting of Waiara Primary School in Sikka, the school also had new drainage installed and new windows. And the entire school was painted.

Mis Kalikur
Kalikur in Lembata district has been improved with two new classrooms, renovation of the roof and additional embankment to protect the school from erosion.

"We are very grateful for the support and we are ready for thesuccess of this program". Member School Committe at MIS Al Huda Kalikur: Mr. Rasman

SD Kaki Wairhek
All classrooms used to be made of bamboo and wood. The local government build three new classrooms (permanent buildings) and Nature Planet has donated two classrooms

SDI Lelo Wair Primary School

Ny skolebygning i SDI Lelo Wair Primary School

At Lelo Wair Primary in Sikka District two out of six classrooms were not permanent buildings. During the assessment phase the local government decided to support one new classroom and Nature Planet supports building of the other classroom, training of students and teachers and development of disaster preparedness plans.

This school accommodates 66 students. The condition of the buildings are poor, the walls are made from bamboo and consist of 4 classrooms(for grade 1 to grade 4. School buildings stands on slopingground between 25°-30°, so the location is very vulnerable when the rainy season becauseerosion soil by water.

Ngombak Primary

Ny skolebygning i Ngombak

In 2013 Ngombak Primary got a new building for the children in Primary school, a new building for pre-school children and new toilets. Josie Monks and Michael Severin from Nature Planet visited while the school was under construction. It was great to meet children and teachers very excited about the changes being made at the school.

Sanatan Primary School

Students in front of newly renovated Sanetan Primary School
Sanetan was the next project to start in 2011. Earlier 171 students were crowded in only two classrooms, as the remaining classrooms were worn down and unsafe to use. By May 2012 they had safe classrooms, new furniture and new toilets. Improving both health and education at the school.

Ketro Primary School
In 2010 the SWEETHEARTS donations funded a new school in central Java. The local communities are poor and vulnerable and the school was bad shape. Nature Planet partner, Michael Severin, visited Java in 2010 and it was a great experience for everyone! A new school has a positive effect on the children as well as the entire community.

Kalimaro Primary School
Kalimaro Primary in Java was the first school to be rebuild. By the end of 2010 brand new classrooms were in place, the children had new books and school equipment and the teachers were trained. Great improvements which enhance the children’s performance in school.